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No Bounce Sports Bras that won’t break the bank

A look at three bras put through the bra bounce test

Fact: Starting at a new gym can be an intimidating experience for a big-boobed, plus size woman. There are machines that look like you might need a second college degree to operate, people doing crazy workouts seemingly without breaking a sweat, and super fit looking people everywhere. Then there’s you. You’re the new person, still finding your way around, trying to decide on a work out that won’t push you too far out of your comfort zone, at least in the beginning, until you get used to the place. The last thing you want when you hop on the treadmill is to call any more attention to yourself, and that’s where no bounce sports bras come in. Today, we’ll look at three different affordable sports bras and see if they pass the bra bounce test.

front - glamorise custom sports brasNo bounce sports bras - glamorise
1. The Glamorise Women’s Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra2. Glamorise No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra3. SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Full Coverage Wire Free Molded Cup Sports Bra
Underwire: NoUnderwire: NoUnderwire: No
Reduces Bounce: ExcellentReduces Bounce: GoodReduces Bounce: Fair
Uniboob: A littleUniboob: A littleUniboob: Yes
Compression: MediumCompression: HighCompression: Medium-High
Fit: Down in cup/up in bandFit: Runs large in cupFit: Consider going down a size
Overall : 4.5/5Overall : 4/5Overall : 3.5/5
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We all know that sports bras can be expensive, especially the ones that cater to plus sizes. When I go shopping for a new plus size sports bra, I expect to spend at least $60. If you hit the gym, say 4 times a week, that means you’re either doing a ton of laundry, or spending around $200 just on sports bras. The goal of today’s review is to showcase three high-impact no bounce sports bras at affordable prices.

No bounce? How does that work?

High-impact sports bras basically make the impossible possible through compression. That’s a nice way to say that they will effectively bind/flatten your boobs to your chest in order to *in theory* prevent any bouncing motion. This is achieved through a number of factors, with a snug fit and solid construction being key. In order to prevent bounce, one of the features you will commonly see is a high neckline.

What materials are these bras made of?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find cotton and other natural materials in the realm of no bounce sports bras. Bras in this category are generally made of synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, and will typically have elastane or some other stretchy material. These bras, as they are meant for intense sport, will also usually have some sort of moisture-wicking component.

Can I get no bounce sports bras without underwire?

Absolutely! In fact, the three bras in this article are all underwire-free, and all do a decent job of reducing some bounce.

The gold standard: Enell

No bounce sports bras - enell
The queen of no-bounce sports bras

The gold standard when it comes to no-bounce sports bras is the Enell High Impact Sports Bra. In fact, this bra pretty much sells itself, and it is the bra choice for women triathletes. Made mostly of nylon, with a small amount of Lycra, this bra basically sell itself.

To say this bra is well-designed is kind of an understatement. It’s got a high neckline that keeps everything in and holds your boobs in place. The straps are wide, some of the widest I’ve seen on a sports bra. Wide straps = better weight distribution & support = little to no shoulder dig.

It hooks in the front, so you don’t have to deal with any over the head, awkward maneuvering to put it on, or trying to figure how to hook 5 hooks behind you that you can’t see.

Because there is a full back, as opposed to your conventional strap and band, there are reinforcing crossed elastics straps underneath the fabric that help to provide even more movement control, and back support.

You probably thought, this bra can’t get any more awesome than this, but it can. The company also offers custom sports bras at an extra cost.

The only thing prohibitive about this bra is the cost. You may splurge and buy one of these bras, but chances are you won’t get one for every work out day, so here are three affordable plus-size exercise bras that serve as good alternatives to the Enell

1. The Glamorise Women’s Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra – Full Review


front - glamorise custom sports bras

This is my number one pick, for good reason. This bra available in select sizes B-H, band sizes 32-46. I must admit though, I snuck this bra into the list because it can be found on sale. Its original price is actually a bit higher.

What this bra does well:

On a scale of 1 to Enell, this bra reduces bounce very well, at about a 4. If you are bigger than a D cup, you will likely never find a bra that reduces bra 100%, but this one comes close.

The designers of this bra came up with an innovative approach to reducing bounce by allowing you to customize the level of support you need for your workout. They have done this by adding a second panel to the front of the bra, and adding four hooks on the on the strap on the front that can be adjusted.

What this means for you is that you have a bra that can fit in a relaxed manner for low impact workouts, as well as high impact workouts, like Zumba. This makes this bra currently as close to a custom sports bra as you can get.

What this bra needs to improve on:

The aesthetics. The inclusion of a second panel on the front of the bra can result in some awkward lines depending on which level of control you’re after, but overall this bra is still a very good pick.

Does it pass the bra bounce test?

Yes, I feel comfortable enough in this bra to be able to do HIIT sprints if I need to. I don’t know if I’d do a triathlon in it, but that’s mostly because I will never do a triathlon.

As I said in my full review, do yourself a favor and take the time to go through Glamorise’s fit guide on their website. In fact, do that for every compression bra on this list, because in order for this bra to work, it needs to fit snugly.

2. Glamorise No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra – Full Review

No bounce sports bras - glamorise

Yes, I put two Glamorise bras on this list. It was extremely hard to find the level of bounce reduction I was looking for at an affordable price, and Glamorise so far seems to produce a lot of good contenders for this part of the market. The Glamorise Women’s No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra is available in select sizes C-G, band sizes 34-50.

What this bra does well:

This bra manages to separate the breasts better than the other bras on this list, and it manages to do that without an underwire, so you don’t end up with terrible uniboob. This bra is also incredibly comfortable

This bra also has one of the most inclusive band sizes out there, and I was so happy to see that it goes all the way up to a 50, making it a great choice for women in the market for a decent plus size exercise bra.

While the strap of the bra is not as thick as the Enell, it is fairly thick and its adjustability is a plus. Glamorise also features a unique back construction which promises no band slippage. This is a very welcome feature if you intend to be very active. Nothing is more annoying than having to adjust your bra mid workout.

This bra has a very high neckline, which ensures that nothing is going to come out of the top and attack your chin. All in all, it does reduce bounce to a manageable level, and because of the sheer length of the bra (it feels like body armor), I could do some running in it without feeling self-conscious.

What this bra needs to improve on

It would have been nice to see more padding or perhaps a softer material on the shoulder strap of this sports bra. Because it doesn’t have this, this bra is not the best pick for long-distance exercise.

Does it pass the bra bounce test?

Meh, not with flying colors. I’d feel comfortable doing medium impact workouts in this bra, so perhaps elliptical work or maybe some erg work, or active chores.

As I said in my full review, this bra reduces bounce, but it is no way a bounce eliminator, but it is a really comfortable option for medium impact.

3. SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Full Coverage Wire Free Molded Cup Sports Bra – Full review

Plus Size Sports Bras ---Syrokan-Full-Coverage-front
The SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Full Coverage Wire Free Molded Cup Sports Bra, available in select sizes A-E, band sizes 32-40

What attracted me initially to this bra was the price. The band sizes aren’t as inclusive as my number 2 pick, but it claimed to be high impact so I decided to give it a try. The SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Full Coverage Wire Free Molded Cup Sports Bra is available in select sizes A-E, and band sizes 32-40.

What this bra does well

This bra is a combination racerback with conventional hooks, something you don’t see too often in plus size exercise bras. This results in reduced shoulder dig, which is excellent when you are dealing with heavy breasts.

This bra also comes up quite high, showing no cleavage, meaning that when you do jump up and down, though you will have some movement, your boobs will still remain contained within the bra.

This bra also has a bit of padding in the front, which should allay any concerns you might have about the headlights showing, which is always a plus.

What this bra needs to improve on

Whoever designed this bra did not try putting it on. Or maybe they did, but they were a contortionist. The idea of a racerback bra with hooks sounds very attractive in theory. You can get that adjusted tightness you need in a very supportive style. Once you get the bra on, everything is fine, but just how exactly do you do that easily with big boobs?

To make matters worse… or more interesting, instead of the conventional hook and eye closure, this bra has plastic knob and groove closures, meaning that you have to dextrously slide these knobs into their grooves from behind. The other option is to fasten the bra in the front, twist it round, and then try and twist your arms into the arm holes.

Does it pass the bra bounce test?

No. You could wear it for low-medium impact workouts. People who wear smaller sizes than me may find it supportive enough for high impact, but personally this bra is probably for at home workouts, or workouts without a lot of up-down movements.

The quest for well-priced, no bounce sports bras continues. The Glamorise Women’s Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra is definitely the best option on this list. It’s innovative, and it’s one the cheapest plus size exercise bras out there that offers this level compression with a good balance of comfort.

I must say, when it comes to plus size sports bras, you definitely get what you pay for. More consumer options are out there for us now than ever before. While no bra I’ve tried yet brings the level of protection of the Enell bra, there are enough options out there on the market that are well made that I no longer feel the need to double up and wear two bras. This is a sign of progress.

Don’t forget to protect your investment!

After you’ve shelled out for a sports bra, make sure you take good care of it. Even though all of these options are underwire-free, you should definitely, definitely still avoid putting them in the dryer. That’s a surefire way degrade the integrity of the fibers in your bra.

If you have time, hand washing is your best option for caring for your bras. If you can’t do this, a delicate/hand wash cycle is your next best bet.