Different Kinds of Breasts for the Plus Sized Chest

One of the helpful bits of information I figured out along the say is that there are actually different kinds of breasts. Not all breasts are created equal, and there are several different kinds of breasts out there. I’m going to focus on the types of breasts that are common to those of us who have large chests. Keep in mind that not all categories are mutually exclusive. My own breasts are asymmetric, pendulous, and narrow set (picture that!).

Without further ado, here they are:

1. Asymmetric:

different kinds of plus size breasts - asymmetricalOne breast is bigger than the other. I’m sure you’ve noticed signs of asymmetry in other parts of your body—maybe you have a preferred foot for trying on shoes, or you notice that one shoulder might be higher up than the other. Breasts are no exception, and some of us have a noticeable difference in size between the two.

Best bra for you:

Go for a balcony-type bra or a moulded bra. The key here is to go for a lined cup of some sort. For really big differences, you may want to consider inserting padding. You should be sizing your bra based on your larger breast.

2. Pendulous

different kinds of plus size breasts - pendulousThis one’s me. Your breasts tend to lie lower on your chest. Chances are if you fall into this category, you have had a significant fluctuation in your body weight, or maybe just your breasts, if you have breastfed previously. Often, your nipples will point downward, and your breasts may not feel as firm (pillowy soft is my preferred term J).

Best bra for you:

A balcony-type bra or a moulded bra. Definitely something with good structure and coverage on the bottom. Bras with a bit of stretch also work for this type of breast because it will fit your form smoothly without highlighting the fact that you have lost fullness.

3. Full

different kinds of plus size breasts - roundAs the name denotes, people with full breasts have breasts that are rounded at the top and bottom, and tend to be larger than a D. This category can include natural breasts and augmented ones.

Best bra for you:

Something supportive, but try to find the balance between supportive and looking natural. Soft cup bras can work for this type of chest, however a balcony bra is always a solid bet. Look for something with deep cups.


4. Narrow Set

different kinds of plus size breasts - narrow

Breasts that don’t have a lot of space between them. This means that you’ll probably have a hard time finding a bra that that lies flat on your sternum.

Best bra for you:

Support, support, support! You will likely need a full coverage bra, and you will definitely need a strong underwire. I’ve had success with balcony bras and plunge bras.


5. Wide Set

different kinds of plus size breasts - wideBreasts that have a lot of space between them. The natural spacing t ends to be between half to 1 inch, so anything bigger than that usually means you are in wide set territory. You might find that the underwire in many bras is too restrictive to encompass both of your breasts comfortably.

Best bra for you:

The key here is underwire. Look for bras that have wide-set underwire.

6. Teardrop

different kinds of plus size breasts - teardropYou’ve pretty much won the bra lottery if this is the shape you’ve been endowed with. This type of breast is fairly firm and round, though not as full on the top as the full breast.

Best bra for you:

The world is your oyster! You can pretty much wear any type of bra suggested for the other different kinds of breasts, as long as your breasts are relatively firm. If they aren’t you may want to consider something with a little stretch.

Key takeaways:


You may be in possession of breasts that may actually fall into more than one of the above-mentioned categories of different kinds of breasts (like me!). Now that you’re armed with this information, have a look through the bras you do have. You may have naturally gravitated toward the right kind of bra, or if you’re like me, you have a bunch of bras that you wear a lot and some that have barely been worn, because something wasn’t quite right. Keep in mind that this is a general guide– there are definitely exceptions to the rule. Use this guide to help you steer toward bras that will have you looking your best.