best supporting sports bra for large breasts front

The Glamorise No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra : the best supporting sports bra for large breasts?

Everyone who has every tried to find solid plus size sports bras knows that generally, you get what you pay for. That’s why the Glamorise Women’s No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra caught my eye, it promises a lot for a decent price. It’s comes in 5 different colors and goes up to a G cup, and has one of the widest band sizes I’ve seen in a sports bra thus far, at 50 inches. This bra is meant to be a top contender for the best supporting sports bra for large breasts, boasting a full-coverage, underwire-free, no-bounce experience while being well-priced. Read on to see if this plus-size exercise bra is truly the salvation of those of us who have had the pleasure of running with big boobs.

best supporting sports bra for large breasts front
The Glamorise Women’s No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra available in select sizes C-G, band sizes 34-50


The strap on this bra is quite thick, which I like. I’m also a fan of the fact that straps are sort of ‘winged’ at the back, meaning they flare out at the base where they join the band. This works to make the bra more supportive and comfortable, and is part of the reason why this bra doesn’t dig. Of course, the trade off of this is that only a small section of the strap is adjustable. That’s okay for me at my height, but if you are on the petite side, this might be an issue for you.


The cup provides good coverage for the top part of your breast due to its mesh camisole design. The result of this is that if you do need to jump around, like when doing (dreaded) burpees, nothing will pop out. For anyone who has had to readjust their boobs, this is a welcome feature.

Because of this high-coverage mesh design, there will be absolutely no cleavage with this bra. The cup isn’t padded, but it is lined well enough that it feels comfortable, despite that fact that it is quite compressing/minimizing, which is a tough balance to pull off.


The band has 3-4 hooks depending on the size, and the style of the back of the bra with the winged straps really works well with the banbest supporting sports bra for large breasts backd to balance out the weight distribution. The band fits true to size, but there is no stretch to the band at all. How little stretch? If you have the right size band, you might have a tough time clasping the bra, at least until you get used to it and opens up a little. The upside of this is that it won’t ride up, everything will be in its right place when you’re done your workout.

Fit & Feel

This bra’s material and construction is a little on the thin side, which means it pretty much gets all of its compression from the fact that the material has no stretch. The bra will feel a bit stiff at first, but after a few washes it becomes more comfortable. A big plus of the thin material is that this bra feels breathable, and is probably a good choice to wear to hot yoga.

Despite the compression and minimizing effect of this bra, it’s still relatively comfortable, and you don’t feel choked up while wearing it.


This is by no means a fashion sports bra. Probably the only fashionable aspect of this bra is the mesh part at the top, which means you can layer it, and produce a nice effect, depending on your top.

The cups have a prominent seam that will stick through, and depending on the top, the layering effect may not look nice. This isn’t really a priority for me, as at my size, the only priority for me bounce reduction.

The bra has no underwire. I kind of see these kinds of bras as a more supportive alternative to the old-school pull-over-your-head sports bras, but with a leg up on them. The cup is adequately lined so that you don’t get the full uniboob effect, but don’t expect perfect definition either. The shape reminds me a lot of the Freya no-underwire bra I reviewed previously.

Can I do jumping jacks in this in public?

You could. I would. Nothing will pop out the top or the bottom, thanks to the lined design. You will certainly reduce bounce, but your boobs will still move.

Best for

Not sure I would wear this to a HIIT circuit class, but for doing yard work, or an elliptical day or weights, this bra will do just fine. I’d probably even wear it for spinning.


Overall, I’d give this bra a 4/5, because it’s surprisingly comfortable despite the fact that it is compacting your boobs to a certain extent. If I forgot my regular bra at home and had to wear this to work all day, I know I could manage, making it probably the most comfortable sports bra I’ve come across in a while. But if Glamorise changed the name of this bra from No-Bounce to Bounce Reduction, I think the name would be more in line with what the product actually delivers. See what others are saying.