Wacoal bra for bigger cup sizes

All day bras for bigger cup sizes – Wacoal’s Full Figure Bra

Wacoal’s offering is a great example of a well-established brand finally getting with the program in terms of providing bras for bigger cup sizes in colors for different skin tons. This bra comes in an incredible range of colors, from ‘French blue’ to ‘porcelain rose’, but importantly comes in colors like chestnut and cappuccino as well. While this bra doesn’t have the most varied offering of colors, it’s a start.

Wacoal bras for bigger cup sizes
The Wacoal Women’s Full Figure Basic Beauty Underwire Bra
available in select sizes D-H, band sizes 32-44

Cup and gore

This bra has a full-coverage cup, which means you won’t have to worry about things popping out of the top, however the construction of the bra does mean that it might not be that versatile when it comes to wearing clothing with lower necklines.

The center piece between the cups comes up a bit high for my liking, which isn’t great for low cut shirts, and for those of us with narrow-set breasts, it might not sit on the sternum very well.

The bra, like many full coverage minimizers doesn’t have any padding in the cup. The upside of this is that you aren’t adding volume where you don’t need it. The downside is, depending on the prominence of your nipples, they could show through this bra.

The material is quite stretchy which I like—this combined with its supportive style makes this bra great for pendulous breasts or breasts that have lost volume.


Wacoal Big Cup Bra
The back of the bra in ‘French blue’

Only half of the strap is adjustable. Normally I like bras that have a fully-adjustable strap, but given how the bra fits as a whole, I’m willing to compromise on this one. Despite the fact that the strap doesn’t feature any padding, it is still comfortable. They are a bit narrowly set, which of course has its positives and negatives, the positive being that you won’t find the straps slipping off your shoulders, the negative being that it makes it less versatile when it comes to matching it with a shirt.


This bra features a wide enough and stable band to feel supportive in larger sizes. My only critique about the band would be that the sizing for this bra runs small. While the cup may fit for most, definitely consider going up one band size for the right fit, if you’re new to Wacoal. If you know your Wacoal size, it should be on par with what you usually buy.


Wacoal’s underwire fit can feel a bit stiff in the beginning. I guess that’s part and parcel of having strong supportive bras for bigger cup sizes. The good news is as this bra relaxes, the underwire becomes comfortable. Though it can definitely feel snug when you first put this on, it doesn’t feel like it’s digging into your skin.

Level of comfort

This bra is super light and comfortable, and reminds me of a Berlei bra of mine I could probably wear day after day.

Despite the lack of padding on the strap, which may seem worrisome at first, the bra’s design is supportive enough that they don’t dig into your shoulders.

Overall Shape

This bra starts off with a good amount of lift, however as it starts to age, those of us with heavier breasts might find it won’t give us the kind of lift we’d like for as long we’d like. While it does start off strongly, I’m not sure it would withstand the test of time.

Best for

Lounging, all-day wear, casual wear

Overall, the bra creates a natural look with a good level of support. I’d give this bra a 4/5. See what others are saying online.

The Wacoal Basic Beauty bra line as a whole is a major hit. I do concede that while I may be am in love with full cup bras, not every one of my readers are. Now, none of these bras are going to win you a fashion contest, but they are all incredibly comfortable bras that you can rely on for every day wear. Here are a few other bras from this line that I think are worth looking into.


Wacoal Women’s Basic Beauty Contour T-Shirt Bra (853192-607)



The Basic Beauty Contour T-shirt bra is a full cup T-shirt bra, which again, I can’t stress enough that it can be a good option for women who experience gapping from the standard style of molded t-shirt bras. This is also a good option for people who like the basic beauty bra, but want to get a little more lift.

This bra has almost all the hallmarks that I mentioned provide good support in my guide to bras for pendulous breasts articlethe straps are narrow set, and relatively wide in size, the cup is full, and the back is wide, with up to four hooks.

The dual layer of fabric provides enough coverage to keep things looking smooth under shirts without adding the usual bulk of a T-shirt bra. For me and my small nipples, the coverage is enough, but for those who are afraid of the high beams showing, you might want to reconsider.

While this bra is super comfortable and does provide the smooth look, it is not perfection. Two things to watch out for are the fact that the cup structure doesn’t provide a whole lot of lift when comparing it to the more common, rigid style of t-shirt bras. It does support your boobs and keep them in place, but there is no major uplift going on. The other thing to look out for is that this bra runs on the big side, cup-wise. 


Wacoal Women’s Basic Beauty Front Close Contour Bra (853292)



While I am not a huge fan of front closing bras, because of the difficulty you can have with achieving the exact right fit, the Wacoal Front Close Contour bra does a couple things well. The back offers different tabs that you can use to adjust how narrow or wide the straps you. You can also adjust them to racerback style to match an outfit or get that little bit of extra lift.

In terms of fit and coverage, I would liken it to the T-shirt bra. On top of that, this bra, like the t-shirt bra, is made of spacer fabric, meaning it’s super cool and lightweight, making it great for summer months and anyone who deals with perennially sweaty underboob.

wacoal-front-close backThe bra does have a more beautiful look to it in the front than its other Basic Beauty cousins, and is great for women who don’t like it when the gore comes up too high on their chests.