The Front-closure sports bra: A Look at 5 different options

I’m in the market for a new sports bra (again), as I have used and abused my current one for far too long. Although I started off with sports bras that have underwire, I accidentally bought a Freya bra online without an underwire, and it has quickly grown to become one of my favorites. Today I thought I’d look at some options when it comes to the front closure sports bra.


Enell LITE Sports BraWacoal Women’s Sport Zip Front Contour BraGlamorise Women’s Plus-Size High Impact Magiclift Zippered Sports BraSYROKAN Women’s High Impact Front Zip Non Padded Wireless Supportive Sports Bra
Cup: Not paddedCup: LinedCup: LinedCup: Not Lined
Fit: True To SizeFit: True to SizeFit: Runs SmallFit: Runs Small
Support Level: Medium-HighSupport Level: Medium-HighSupport Level: MediumSupport Level: Medium
Separation: LowSeparation: MediumSeparation: LowSeparation: Low


A snug-fitting sports bra that fastens in the front can be a great option if you’re looking for support while being physically active, as they are easier to fasten than bras that have to be clasped at the back. Normally, I’m an advocate for back-closing bras, however when it comes to sports bras, which are meant to be fit tighter than a normal bra would, a front closure bra can still be a good option.


Enell lite front closure sports bra


Front closure sports bras


You probably guessed what my first choice was going to be. That’s right, it’s the Enell. I have reviewed that bra extensively in the past, so today I’m going to focus on its little sister, the Enell Lite Sports Bra.

It’s constructed very much in the same way as the Enell, except with slightly less of that straightjackety feel. While I wouldn’t wear this bra for a marathon, it could certainly see me through my Les Mills Grit classes, spinning, and my high-impact circuits.

I love that the bra features the same criss-cross design along the back to reinforce the shape of the bra.

enell lite front-closureFor those of you looking for a well-supported front-closure sports bra with no underwire, look no further. The wide band on the bottom of the bra hugs your upper torso well, without feeling like it’s digging into your skin. It’s also snug enough that it keeps the bra from riding up during vigorous exercise, meaning you don’t have to worry about adjusting it all the time.

Probably my favorite feature of this bra is the fact that it’s still got that high level of coverage that Enell is known for. This neckline doesn’t go up as high the original Enell, which is great because it doesn’t show through shirts. It provides enough coverage so that when you do lots of burpees like I did (unwillingly) today, you don’t get anything popping out of the top.

All of this comes packaged in their NATUREXX material. This one isn’t really too much of a differentiating factor—all sports bras worth their salt have got some sort of proprietary, moisture-wicking material, and this bra is no exception.

I think the biggest thing to remember with this bra is that it is a different animal than its high-impact cousin. Visually it looks really similar, but it is not meant to offer the same level of support. If you want a solid bra that will see you through light-medium workouts, this is the one to go with. If you really want that zero (or nearly zero) bounce support, you need to go with the original.

Pro tip: If you do get this bra and you’re struggling to put it on over your ta-tas, try lying down on your back when you go to fasten it.




front-closure sports bras


Another name that I trust when it comes to bras in general is Wacoal. Their bras tend be priced higher than average. Along with that price tag, though, comes with a very high level of build quality, and bras that you can really depend on.

This is my first foray into sports bras by Wacoal, and I really like what I see. If you’re looking for a solid racerback front zip sports bra and you’re fuller-figured, this is definitely a worthwhile option. Some aspects of the style of the Wacoal Women’s Sport Zip Front Contour Bra are reminiscent of the Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra. For women used to wearing Wacoal, please note that the fit on this bra is indeed pretty snug. Sports bras in general are meant to fit tighter than a normal bra, but I would add that this bra runs pretty small in cup and band, so I would consider sizing up, mainly in cup. Eventually like any bra, the material on this one will relax.

The bra’s back doesn’t offer quite the level of support that the Enell does. Wacoal front-closing sports braWhile it does make for a really stylish shape from behind, I wish there was more coverage behind in order to anchor things in place and minimize bounce.

If there was any real down side to this bra, I would say it’s the clasp. Putting this thing on involves a little bit of a learning curve, so much so that Wacoal has actually produced a video to teach you how to put it on. It involves a top hook, a zip, locking said zip, and then covering it. It’s much easier than it sounds, once you get the hang of it. Suffice to say though, once you are in this baby, you are in! If you’re having difficulty, the lying on the bed trick works for this bra too. The first time you put this baby on, give yourself a moment to figure it out, and you will be okay.

Coverage-wise, this bra doesn’t up as high as the Enell light. I would still use it for elliptical workouts, spinning, Body Pump classes and basically anything that doesn’t involve too much high-impact up-down movements.

One thing this bra does hands down better than the Enell is give your boobs some shape while keeping them in place. The bra is somewhat molded, so that aspect, coupled with the fact that it has an underwire means that it separates quite well, so if you loathe the uniboob while working out, this could be an excellent choice.


Glamorise Women’s Plus-Size High Impact Magiclift Zippered Sports Bra


glamorise magiclift plus size front zipping sports bra


Another front zip sports bra option comes from Glamorise. Since I first heard about them, I’ve come to be a big fan of Glamorise. For a mid-market option that provides good value for money, Glamorise is always top of mind for me. They offer a few front closure sports bras that are worth considering.

One thing I really like about the Plus-Size High Impact Magiclift Zippered Sports Bra is the width of the band at the rear of the bra. Again, it is a bit on the narrow side and cannot compare to the Enell in terms of support, but it is designed well enough that it will keep the bra in place while you move around.

The straps come in nice and narrow in the back, helping to support your breasts and give them some lift. If there’s anything I would change about the bra, I would want a little more adjustability in the strap, but it’s a minor issue. Despite this, the straps feel comfortable, even after a long session.

I quite like the material on this bra as well. I find that it’s more breathable than the Wacoal, as beautiful as that thing is, it doesn’t really wick sweat away at a level that I would like. This bra in contrast feels very breathable.

Just like the Wacoal, this bra fastens using a zip. The most marked difference is that there aren’t any protective flaps for this bra’s zipper. For those who are apprehensive about the bra unzipping during exercise, I would not worry. As long as the zip tab lays flat and is zipped all the way up to the top, your gym work out will be free of any mishaps.

This bra also comes down pretty low on the neckline, so take care when you are picking your size, especially if you are fuller-figured. The bra runs small in the cup, so definitely consider sizing up if you are in any doubt at all, so you can avoid any mishaps involving the top of your boob and the bottom of your chin. I would also think about sizing up in band too, to be honest, as I found it to be really constricting on me.

This is another front closure bra with no underwire, so expect a little bit of uniboob. Not as bad as the Enell, but don’t hope for any really significant separation either.

Again with this bra, the first few times you put it on, before you get used to it and it relaxes, try lying down in order to wear it properly.


SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Front Zip Non Padded Wireless Supportive Sports Bra


syrokan front zip sports bra


At the cheaper end of the market is Syrokan. I have reviewed Syrokan bras before, and I really think they are great value for money. If you’re dead set on owning a few front closure sports bras, Syrokan definitely has plenty on offer. If you’re like me and you endeavor to work out 5 days a week, that works out to either a lot of money spent on sports bras, or a lot of time spent washing the few expensive sports bras you have.

This is where brands like Syrokan come in. If money were an issue, but I had to plan a 5-day workout bra collection, I’d go with 2 high-impact, high-end bras, and then maybe 2-3 bras in the range of Syrokan and Glamorise’s pricing. This way, you’re not stuck wearing your fancy high-impact bras for yoga. This means you can increase the overall lifespan of all of your bras, and only wear the high-impact ones when you really, really need them.

This bra features a lower neckline than the other 3 bras reviewed previously. I like the fact that this bra isn’t padded, because it means there’s no extra girth or extra material in a place where, let’s face it—most of you who have made it to my site don’t need it.

syrokan high impact front-closing sports brasThe racerback look is great, giving this bra a nice look from behind, and some decent center-pull as well to lift up the girls.

For a wireless sports bra, I have to say that it gives your chest a nice shape, although there is some degree of uniboob.

This is probably my least favorite pick of the group, just because the straps offer no adjustability at all. In some ways, this puts this bra only a slight step above those old school sports bras that you pull over your head, style-wise.

In terms of support, the bra, if you can find your correct size is sturdy, and will definitely see you through light to medium impact exercises.


Honorable Mention

SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Front Closure Racerback Full Support Sports Bra


front closing sports bras


If you’re looking for the type of bra that is going to make you look good while you’re wearing it on its own, the High Impact Front Closure Racerback Full Support Sports Bra is definitely a good contender.

The major downside to this bra if you ask me is that it just doesn’t come inSyrokan high impact bra big enough sizing, with its biggest size available being a 38E. Now, a 38E doesn’t sound bad, until you consider that this bra just runs super small. If you’re a 36D, I’d recommended the 36E… if you’re a 38E, you’re definitely taking a risk with this one.

This bra probably has the lowest level of coverage out of all the ones I reviewed today, but since it caters to smaller sizes than the other ones, you can understand why. It’ll keep everything in while showing everything off.