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Comfort Choice Bra Reviews

Comfort Choice bras are another one of those brands like Delimira that doesn’t have a whole lot of brand recognition. These bras have caught my attention though because they cater both to plus size and to full-figured women. Their bras are moderately priced and well-made, and for the most part I believe that their offerings live up to the brand name’s promise of comfort.

4 of the best Comfort Choice Bras:

  1. Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Wireless Longline Lace Bra Easy Enhancer
  2. Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Wireless Front-Hook Seamless Leisure Bra
  3. Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Posture Support Soft Cup Allover Lace Bra
  4. Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Seamless Wireless Leisure Bra


Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Wireless Longline Lace Bra Easy EnhancerComfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Wireless Front-Hook Seamless Leisure BraComfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Posture Support Soft Cup Allover Lace BraComfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Seamless Wireless Leisure Bra
Underwire: NoneUnderwire: NoneCup: unlinedUnderwire: None
Style: Longline BraStyle: MinimizerStyle: MinimizerStyle: Molded, T-shirt bra
Best attribute: Very supportiveBest attribute: ComfortBest attribute: Supportive BackBest attribute: Comfort
Hook: Front Hook: FrontHook: FrontHook: Back


Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Wireless Longline Lace Bra Easy Enhancer


comfort choice longline enhancer

The first bra I want to have a look at is there a plus size wireless longline bra easy enhancer. Now, that is a mouthful, and while I might not agree with the fact that it’s an enhancing bra, it does deliver on the rest of the title.


The unique selling point of this bra is probably the fact that it’s both a longline bra and a wire-free bra, making it a pretty unique offering as far as the bra market goes, and a great option for women with sensitive underbusts. I like the combination of longline + wire-free, as the bra length adds some support which makes up for the support lost due to no underwire.

Even though the bra is wire free, there is some boning for structure in the bodice of the bra. The boning is pretty light weight plastic, and while it does its job of keeping the bra looking nice, it’s not uncomfortable.

The cups on this bra have a simple single seam that runs along the center of the bra horizontally, creating a little bit of lift and some shaping.

One thing I do appreciate about this bra is that it’s got quite a supportive back in order to reinforce good posture, making it reminiscent of some of the posture bras that I reviewed recently.

comfort choice longline enhancer

I also appreciate the fact that even though this bra is front-closing, there are three sets of hooks so that you can adjust the sizing of the bra as the bra ages or if your weight fluctuates. Not being able to adjust a front-hook bra is probably one of my biggest gripes when it comes to that style, so I’m glad that this bra avoids that pitfall.


While the seams on most bras are a welcome addition because of the lift and shaping they provide, they also mean that the bra is usually more visible even when you have a layer of clothing on top of it, and this bra is no exception. The seams are quite obvious.

Another downside is that if the bodice doesn’t fit you well, it can end up riding up. I would recommend that women with short torsos avoid this one as it may be too long for you.

I am always a fan of close-set straps, which this bra has, to create more support, but this feature also means that this bra might not be suitable for wide-neck shirts.


Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Wireless Front-Hook Seamless Leisure Bra


comfort choice seamless

Comfort is the name of the game with this bra. It doesn’t have any underwire, and it is also front-hooking. These two features make a great option for women who for some reason cannot wear bras with underwire, or have mobility issues that prevent them from fastening her bra that hooks from the back.

The Wireless Front-Hook Seamless Leisure has also got a pretty decent level of coverage, at least on the front.

Despite the level of coverage that it offers, it’s still a very comfortable bra that I would say is best for lounging, sleeping, or just wearing around the house. If you’ve got self-supporting breasts, you could probably even venture out with this bra, however I personally wouldn’t.

The straps, as with most of the bras on this list are sturdy, nonslip, and comfortable, so that digging is not an issue.comfort choice seamless


The elastic around the bottom of this bra can run a little tight. You could size up in band if you prefer something looser, although I personally would stick to my size as the bra will eventually relax and loosen.

Now, because this bra is of the super comfortable/lounging side of the support spectrum, it goes without saying that there’s not a whole lot going on in terms of shaping and separating the ladies. Related to that is the fact that the bra is not have a whole lot of lift.

Another thing some people may not like is the fact that the thin, breathable material also means that there is not much in the way of concealing the headlights.


Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Posture Support Soft Cup Allover Lace Bra


comfort choice bras lace

I have talked about this bra before at length in my posture support bra article, so I will just summarize here.


One of the draws for me about this bra is the fact that it comes and so many fun colors. I know that colour isn’t necessarily that important of an element to judge a bra, but as a big-boobed gal, until Freya entered my life, colorful lingerie did not cross my path often.

Now, onto the more practical elements. The Plus Size Posture Support Soft Cup Allover Lace Bra provides great posture support aided by a combo of a reinforced criss-crossed back and sturdy shoulder straps.

If you’re looking for side support, I think this bra is probably the best of the bunch on this list, as it does come up quite high, holding things in.

Again, Comfort Choice produced another bra with more than one row of hooks (this time only 2) in the front closure, allowing for adjustability as bra ages.

The seams on this bra do not show too much, making this bra okay to wear under most heavier-weighted materials.


Now, for the downsides. Even though this product does a great job of supporting your breasts, it doesn’t go far enough to make them look pretty. If separation is a priority for you, this might not be the best option. As an affordable bra with a reinforced bcomfort choice bras laceack though, I think it’s worth looking past this shortcoming.

The lace. The lace makes the bra look pretty (especially in the purple) but can be scratchy at first, which keeps me from wanting to recommend this bra to anyone with super sensitive skin. Most people will probably be fine after a few washing though.

The other downside for this bra is the fact that the straps allow for only minor adjustment via hooks at the front, which might be troublesome if you are longer or shorter than average.


Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Seamless Wireless Leisure Bra


comfort choice bras leisure

Out of all the bras on this list, this one screams comfort to me the most.

Available in some cool colors, the Women’s Plus Size Seamless Wireless Leisure Bra is probably best for wearing around the house in those situations where you don’t want to wear a bra but might need to. One example of such a situation that springs to mind is when you’re lounging around the house while extended family is visiting.


The things I like about this bra are the fact that it’s again got those padded, wide straps that I’ve come to expect from Comfort Choice bras.

The straps on this one are semi-adjustable, which means that it can work on a wider variety of body types and shapes. In addition to the adjustability, the U-shape center pull helps to create some uplift, which is always appreciated in wireless bras.comfort choice bras leisure

Unlike most of the others on this list, this bra has the traditional back eye and hook closure.

One of the other standout features of this full-coverage bra is the double-layered cups. They provide modesty, and give the bra a little bit more sturdiness.


As you can probably imagine, the seamless cup, while comfortable and invisible under clothing, does not offer much shaping/separation.

This bra also lacks side coverage and support.


Honorable Mention

Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size The Reversible Bra, Two Bras In One


comfort choice bras reversible


I decided to include this bra on the list as an honorable mention, because I thought the concept was really cool. This bra is reversible, meaning that you have two color options in 1, and you also have two slightly different styles.

One side offers a smooth look, while the other one does a good job of separating the breasts and encapsulating them.

Because the bra is reversible, and means that it’s also double lined, so your nipples won’t show in this one.

One of the more practical selling points of this bra is how comfortable the cushioned strap is. It’s so thick that it sits on your shoulders comfortably without digging.comfort choice bras reversible


In order to make it reversible, Comfort Choice had to forego the traditional  hook and eye closure for a swimsuit-like hook, which affects adjustability. On the upside, it makes it a pretty easy hook to manipulate.

The main reason that this bra is only an honorable mention is the fact that the cups do not provide enough lift, making this bra tricky pull off if your breasts are not full.