Chantelle Rive Gauche for d cup and up

Best bras for D Cup and Up: Chantelle Women’s Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra

This bra is so pretty! For women looking for the best bras for D cup, the Chantelle Rive Gauche Bra is another beautiful consideration that comes in a range of cup sizes, all the way to I and a range of different colors for different skin tones. Its lacy look means this bra makes you feel and look sexy too!

best bras for d cup and up - chantelle rive gauche
Chantelle Women’s Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra available in select sizes C-I, band sizes 32-44


The straps on this bra are pretty standard, close set, so no slips off the side of the shoulders, and fully adjustable. The material used to make the strap is a bit stretchy for my tastes, and as a result doesn’t seem as sturdy. I know if I ran for the bus in this bra, I’d have to adjust the girls after.

Cup and gore

The good news is the bra is well-constructed in that the bra’s gore will sit well on your sternum. The gore sizing does seem to vary depending on cup size, and in larger sizes it might be high enough to restrict the type of necklines you can wear this bra with, but this is not a major issue.

This cup is unlined, with lacy material and it feels a bit stretchy, not as sturdy as the Elomi Raquel. In addition to this, though this is a full cup bra, those with large full breasts might experience a bit of spillage over the top, just based on the way that the cup is cut. For those with less volume, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The thing that draws me to this bra is obviously the lace. It’s hard to find a pretty bra in a big size, and aesthetically this bra is well-designed. The interior of the cup itself is also very comfortable. With lace and cup adornments though, comes the problem of the bra being seen through a top, making it less versatile. You will most likely want to pair it with thicker/darker clothing. If you’re wearing the kind of top where it makes sense fashion-wise to see the bra, this bra gives you plenty of reasons to want to show it off.

The cup is definitely what I’d describe as ‘full’. It does distribute the breast a bit to the side though, so the cup does tend to run large. If you’re an in-betweener, go with your lower size.


My issue with the band on this bra is the same one I had with Goddess Keira. Constructing a bra for those of us who wear D cups and up means considering the width of the band as well. Having only three hooks iChantelle Rive Gauche best bras for d cup and up (back)n larger sizes puts strain on the already slightly stretchy bra and means that it is less supportive than it really could be. That said, the band does feel true to size.


So many bras get a lot of aspects right, but it still feels like in larger sizes, underwire comfort is an afterthought. The width of the underwire for this bra is quite wide, and I said before helps to minimize a bit and distribute weight to the sides. The downside of this is the underwire runs high, and may not have the most comfortable feel under the arms. Read: it digs. This may not bother you if you are wide-chested like me, but if you have a small band size in combination with a large bust, this could very well be a problem, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting in this bra at work.


The cups feel great in this bra, it’s got a nice feeling against the skin, and overall your weight feels well-distributed, so that no one part of the bra feels like it’s compensating for the other. What I’d add to that though, is that as a whole, it doesn’t feel as supportive as I usually like my bras to be. It’s one of those bras I wouldn’t wear absolutely anywhere, just one that I would wear if I had a pretty good idea as to what my level of activity was going to be.

Overall Shape

I have to commend this bra for having solid side structure with boning. This wasn’t the attribute that drew me to the bra, but it certainly does help its case. This bra doesn’t have that totally round look, although I would say the ‘pointiness’ is negligible.

Best for

Short outings, Seducing someone

Is this one of the best bras for D cup or bigger? Definitely not, but it certainly one of the best looking. Overall, I’d give this bra a 3.5/5. The three is for the fact that the bra isn’t as supportive as I like. The 0.5 is purely because I feel like a siren in this bra.